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Retaining customers

  • Baselworld
  • MGI VIP Lounge
Brief: Help us to keep a hold of our most important clients
How: Brand interviews, strategy, team creation and development, catering management high end and staff, VIP lounge, Restaurant


MGI Group is one the world’s most respected watch and jewellery brands, housing well known luxury brands such as Movado, Ebel, Hugo Boss, Ferrari, Tommy Hilfiger, Juicy Couture and Lacoste. The annual industry trade fair in Basel (BaselWorld) sees repeat customers logging sales of around 80% of annual spend in just a week. Every moment of the experience for these customers needs careful branded management.

Nektar work closely with the MGI Group, before, during and after the event on an annual basis. Together we ensure that both their staff and clients are fully facilitated and get everything they need to run a successful and lucrative exhibition. The efficiency of Baselworld increases year on year, using the data from every event to improve the next.

“The service delivered and the customer experience throughout the 10 days has without doubt improved sales. This has been the best event we have done for 20 years.”

Ebel – Chief Executive

“Nektar went above and beyond to make our BaselWorld participation a delight for our customers. Kudos to Nektar and her team.”

Karin Mair – Sales & Marketing Europe at Bedrock Manufacturing