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Attracting new customers

  • Psychosynthesis Trust
  • Saunders VIP Relocation
Brief: Help us to attract new customers
How: Rebranding, research. internal workshops, website, strategy

When businesses identify a decline in new custom, they often decide to rethink their web offering and online presence. This is a great place to start and is often a platform that has plenty of room for improvement.

At Nektar, rather than launching immediately into a new website build, we like to support our clients to identify the source of their problems, and what progressive changes can be made to help attract better business.

Both Saunders 1865, a VIP relocation company and the Psychosynthesis Trust, a school of psychospirituality, worked collaboratively with us to discover what positive changes could be made with the business and ultimately reinvigorate their respective brands.

“The depth of the work, and the attention to the process were excellent. Nektar had a willingness and clarity to guide us into the unknown and the patient support to give us the confidence to trust the unfolding process. They have a way of getting to the essence of the organisation and holding a mirror up so that the organisation can perceive itself more accurately and honestly, shining a gentle light on our blind-spots. Their approach is innovative, creative, exciting and full of integrity.”

Matt Shepheard – The Psychosynthesis Trust